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Village news ...

Five star award

We're very proud that we achieved a five star rating from Babergh District Council for food hygiene.  This is thanks to all our volunteers and suppliers.


Shop news

 We recently installed a new freezer and chiller which look great and give us more space to extend our stock.  Do let us know if there's anything in particular you would like us to stock.  

Electricity bills are our biggest expense and we're now looking at installing solar panels on the roof with battery storage.   We benefit from the free electricity generated by the solar panels on the Community Hall but it would really help if we could cut our electricity bills even further.  

We always welcome new volunteers - do let us know if you're interested and would like to find out more.   To find out more, call Jenny on 328984; email  Or call into the Shop, chat to one of our volunteers, pick up a leaflet or leave your contact details.

Dates for your diary: 

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28th June

26th July 

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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Thank you to everyone who voted on our Neighbourhood Plan on 19th July.  The results were 96.19% in favour, 3.46% against. 

Update: The Plan has now been formally adopted by Babergh District Council.  See the Decision Notice here

In addition to influencing planning decisions affecting the future of the village, the Plan identified a number of Community Actions.  These are now the responsibility of the Parish Council to take forward in partnership with village organisations and residents.

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Final Version of the Neighbourhood Plan click above 

Other news ...


Both the Shop and the Network always welcome new volunteers.  Do ring either number to get in touch and find out more.

Recycle right!

Babergh and Mid Suffolk are helping us ensure we recycle as much as possible, click HERE for more details.

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Need help?

Stutton Support Network -  01473 327753

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