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Stutton Community Association

Stutton Community Association (Charity Number 1188188) was first registered as a charity on 26 February 2020. This represented the culmination of a decision by both Stutton Community Hall and Stutton Community Council charities to disband and transfer their assets into the new charity.

The objects of Stutton Community Association are broadly "to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Stutton the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants".


Delivering Social and Recreational Opportunities 

In meeting our overall charity’s aims our principal focus is the provision of and maintenance of an accessible Stutton Community Hall. This provides a vital community hub where a range of groups and individuals can engage in a wide range of activities.

People and organisations hire the hall to run a series of events and activities

Activities to promote health and well being at the hall have included: Pilates classes; Weekly Strength and Balance classes for older people and those with disabilities, regular dance classes for children, weekly Carpet Bowls, and a Saturday morning Boot Camp.

Social events to reduce isolation and promote friendships and informal networks have included: Monthly Coffee Mornings; Suffolk Sight meetings (formerly East Suffolk Blind) that bring people across the local area to Stutton.  Two Art Groups meet weekly and a playgroup brings parents, grandparents and young children together. Other than these regular activities, the hall is regularly booked for parties and especially children’s parties.

The community hall is also the location where Monthly Parish Council meetings are held along with the Annual Parish Meeting where groups and societies from the village along with interest members of the public attend.

Our aim has to been to set hire fees that are affordable to the various groups and individuals that hire the hall and to cover our costs of maintaining the building. Our charges were set in 2006 and have been revised in May 2024 leading to a modest increase for our users

As a charity we also aim to put on events and activities to add to the social and leisure landscape of the village. In addition the events can provide additional sources of income.

The events this year included a spring Bank Holiday Car Boot Sale, 2 Quiz Nights, a Jubilee Dance to Swing Machine, a 16 piece band. This went down really well and they have been rebooked for an event in 2023.

In July we held our second Village Fete working alongside Stutton Primary School PTFA. The event was a real success.

In July the annual open air concert featuring the Puffins Ensemble again was well attended with up to 200 people picnicking in the garden of David and Janet Lock.

Our charity also organises Father Christmas and his helpers deliver presents on Christmas morning. This along with carols in the Kings Head PH raised money all of which was given to a local food bank charity.

We run monthly film nights, showing a wide range of newly released films.

We run the village Community Draw. Over 360 residents have joined the draw and can win monthly prizes.


Improving the Community Hall

We had made steps to bring about changes to the Community Hall.

We installed two electric car charging points. Suffolk County Council promoted this at a cost of around £6,000.

A container was put in the hall’s grounds to provide a much needed store and to enable a room and shed to be emptied in preparation for future building work.

Over the past two years we have drawn up plans to upgrade the hall and consulted on them.  The village’s Neighbourhood Plan, which was in the course of preparation recognised the Community Hall was of vital importance in maintaining a sustainable and active village life. Drawn out of Public Consultation the plan included a specific Community Action no. 15: Improving provision and access to community facilities

“Village organisations will seek opportunities to improve provision and access to community facilities, in particular to update the Community Hall”


Grant Giving

Under the Community Council grants were given to a number of groups to promote social / leisure activities. This activity is included in the aims of Stutton Community Association and a policy was introduced to guide the process of awarding grants. Grants would be given only for projects that would promote the charities objectives. A grant, previously made by the Community Council was given to meet the costs of hall hire for village crafting group. This amounted to £480 in the year


The charity is managed by 5 Trustees who are elected at the Annual General Meeting and who work with other volunteers through a managing committee.



Chair Bill Hewlett Vice-Chair Rosie Stuart Thompson,Adrian Gray, Nick Pavitt, Roberta Garrad

Committee Members

Lisa Taylor (Treasurer),Derek Chartres, Sarah Gray, Amanda Mapes, Colin Reilly,

David Stuart Thompson, Ian Flower, Alistair Parker

Community Draw 
Thank you to all of you have joined in the Community Draw.
Monthly winners are published in Roundabout.
And a big thank you to our collectors

If you have comments or questions ...

Speak to a Trustee:

      Bill Hewlett, Rosie Stuart-Thompson,Nick Pavitt, Adrian Gray, Roberta Garrad 

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