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Stutton Presents

Stutton Presents  began in 2015 as a way to make sure we had good reasons to keep in touch with each other over the dark days of winter. 

To date we've made two theatre shows and a feature length film. We're a membership organisation open to the people of Stutton, people involved with Stutton -  and friends. We meet once a year to decide what we will do next. Anyone can suggest an idea.

Each project is a bit different - but there is always room for anyone who wants to get involved, on stage, backstage,  or supporting rehearsals and performances.

Stutton - the movie 

Stutton the Movie premiered on  25 January 2020 with three sell-out showings at the Community Hall. Made entirely on an iPhone 7 - with the aid of a bicycle, a ladder and not much more - the film presents 'this beautiful place we call home' and the people who live here.

Film extras

Music Hall at The King's Head 

January 18th 2019

Past Productions


John Nittles (a famous actor) is murdered down at the reservoir and several TV detectives (who just happen to be staying in Stutton at the time) try to work out who dunnit.

Miss Meeple, Hercule Pierrot, Lord Peter Wimsey, Sergent Dockson - each wants to solve the case and beat their rivals to  the next Christmas Special.


One of them just wants a song.

Although the sad story of adventuress Margaret Catchpole isn’t the first plot you might think of for a pantomime, the cast and crew of this production celebrated the feisty woman that Margaret must have been.

50 people from the village of Stutton performed this unusual version of the well known melodrama Margaret Catchpole, this time presented as a pantomime with a decidedly hopeful ending.

The cast ranged in age from 9 to over 80. Anyone who wanted to get involved had a role - on stage or off. The resulting performance was certainly lively; but most of all the cast  had an absolute ball along the way.

Smugglers, country villagers and Londoners mingled with the well-known cast of characters, Meg, John Barry, Will Laud - and of course, Dobbin the pantomime horse who gallops - somewhat reluctantly - from Ipswich to London.

Written by Stutton resident Louise Lock, with original songs by Ian Heywood who lives five doors down. Lighting by Andy Woollard who lives opposite the village hall. Set design and painting by local artists Gay Strutt and David Hewlett and the leading lady was all the way from Chicago - but has made this community her home. This is a real village affair.


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