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Community Woodland

You can find the woodland  to the rear (that's the north) of the Community Hall on Manningtree Road - IP9 2TA. This is Stutton’s community woodland.

If you were to pass through the gap in the edge which is behind the Community Hall and Community Shop, you come onto the Community Playing Field. To the East and North - and bordering the playing field - is our woodland project. 

Feel free to wander and see what we have done.


On the eastern boundary we have carried out hedge laying . In Canham's Wood we have made a circular path and improved access, created a circular walk.  You'll find seating - take a moment to enjoy it.

The new trees are all native species. We have planted lower growing varieties on the edge of the new planting -  Viburnum lantana, Guelder rose, Dogwood, Blackthorn and Hawthorn. Elsewhere we have planted Oak, Beech, Lime, Birch and other types of mainly broad leafed trees.

The planting phases have come to an end. We planted at a high density, knowing that a number would fail. We plan to gradually thin out the poorer trees to enable the remaining ones to thrive. 


Stutton School children were involved in the project from the very start and they continue to visit the wood for educational purposes. The School had an established link with a school in Yendi in Ghana, when Stutton Grows was formed. Over the years Ghanaian teachers have come to Stutton, some of whom have planted trees both here and in their own community.

We want all members of the community to enjoy it. Please help by not dropping litter and if you are a dog owner please clean up after your dog.

We are concerned that people have had campfires in Canhams Wood.  This presents a danger to our wood - please respect this precious asset and not light fires here.

Thank you.


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