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Stutton Neighbourhood Plan - updates

The Stutton Neighbourhood Plan has reached the formal consultation phase
'Reg 16 Submission Consultation'
What happens next?

  • Babergh Council has checked our Plan against a Legal Compliance Checklist (Regulation 15 Checklist)

  • They then give a number of statutory bodies six weeks to make any further comments.

  • Following that, and any necessary changes being made by the Stutton Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, an Independent Examiner will be appointed to examine the Plan.

  • The Examiner will decide if the Plan can proceed to the referendum stage. We may be asked to make further amendments first.  

  • Then there will be a referendum in the village. 

  • If it receives a majority "yes" vote, Babergh should immediately give it full weight when determining planning applications and Stutton Parish Council will use it as the guide when responding to planning applications. 

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Can  you comment?

You can comment on the submitted plan and its policies, but the examiner will only be able to recommend changes which are necessary to ensure that the Plan meets the basic conditions.


The submitted Basic Conditions Statement sets out how we consider we have met these tests.

"I commented on the last consultation ... do I need to comment again?"

All the issues raised in the last (pre-submission) consultation are referred to in the Consultation Statement - so the examiner will be aware of those comments.

However, if you feel that changes have been made to the Plan since the last consultation which raise new issues or affect the points you made last time - you might want to send in further comments.


We will let you know who the Independent Examiner is, when they are appointed, and how to get in touch with them with any comments.

Audio Summary of The Plan and Consultation available here
Plan Overview - audio version
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