Neighbourhood Plan 

Recent Six-week Consultation

On 22 September 2018, at an open meeting at the Village Hall, residents of Stutton voted to create a Neighbourhood Plan. A Working Party was set up to take this forward and now the Plan is ready for you to see - and comment on.

Thank you for responding. The Working Party will now review all the feedback and revise the plan accordingly.

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A Six week consultation ran from 8 November to 20 December 2021

  • There was a six-week consultation period

  • See the Plan and all the accompanying documents here

  • Tell us what you think here 

  • We adjust the Plan

  • It is then formally scrutinised by an Independent Examiner (with feedback from several interested bodies), who may ask us to make amendments

  • We make the necessary amendments

  • There is a referendum in the village next summer

  • If it receives a majority "yes" vote, Stutton Parish Council will use it as the guide when responding to planning applications - and Babergh should immediately give it full weight when determing planning applications. 


Online - here

On a Feedback Form

  • view feedback form here

  • download feedback form here

  • or pick up a printed copy at Stutton Community Shop, the Community Hall, the King's Head and Looking Good)

Put forms in Feedback Boxes

  • at Stutton Community Shop, the Community Hall, the King's Head or Looking Good)

Audio Summary of The Plan and Consultation available here
Plan Overview - audio version