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Big Conversation & Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Actively seeking your involvement

This is an open group - anyone can join. 

The group exists to organise ways in which villagers can talk together about the future of the village - and develop a shared vision. This will inform both the way village organisations develop their activities and the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan that goes to Babergh Council, and is something they will consider when making planning decisions.

Currently, the members are:​

Fran Flower

Ian Flower

Penny Greenland

Holly Harris

Bill Hewlett

Jenny Morris

Nick Pavitt

There are lot of different roles - involvement from an hour here and there to being part of the whole process.

We have now completed the Regulation 14 Pre-Submission consultation and are making changes to the Plan following responses we've received.  The next stage will the Regulation 16 Submission to Babergh District Council.

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