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Local History Research Group

Village History Recorder and Archivist - Vic Scott

We are an informal group which pursues the lines of research which are of interest to individual members. We meet in one another's houses about every three months to share ideas and experience and we always welcome new members.

Each year we submit articles for publication in a group journal which is sold in the village shop, solely too cover the production costs.

Past journals, covering 30 years plus, are available to view on our website and all the information is archived at the Ipswich  record office for posterity. Subjects may be military, domestic, maritime, architectural, geological, recent or distant past. Provided they are relevant to Stutton or Stutton people the the choice is yours.

One recent theme has been to look for stories from WW!, one hundred years on, as with recent pieces concerning villagers on our local 'roll of honour', such as Stanley Staff go the Navy who died in a 'Q' ship and Bas Willis of the Tank Corps, who died at the battle of Cambrai in 1917.

Vic Scot holds a large archive of photographs of various papers for the village, which are available to researchers and a huge amounts of data is now available on-line. 

Visit our full collection click here.

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