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What's here

What's here

Stutton C of E Primary School

The staff, governors and children are very pleased to welcome you to Stutton Primary School


Stutton offers:

  • A very committed team of staff and governors, working with ASSET Education, to further develop our successful school

  • A caring family and inclusive school community

  • A child-centred approach to teaching with a wealth of creative, enriching and spontaneous opportunities and memorable moments, resulting in happy children with a positive attitude to learning

  • Recognition and celebration of children’s achievements both in and out of school


We enjoy close links with Stutton Young Explorers, the wrap-around day care centre situated on our site, local primary schools, Holbrook Academy and of course the ASSET Education family of schools. From September we will be welcoming the rising 5s, from Stutton Young Explorers, into our school three mornings a week.

We have received some heart-warming feedback from various people and organisations throughout this year; the most recent received from a member of the Bikeability team: ‘I just want to say how delightful it has been to work with your pupils… Small things, such as always patiently raising a hand when they wished to ask a question, made them a pleasure to teach… It was great fun to work with a bunch of children whose strengths had been identified and emphasised…The school has a particularly friendly, welcoming atmosphere that is apparent as soon as one steps over the threshold…’

One of our newer parents posted the following feedback on our internal school blog after our summer camp: ‘What an awesome school, filled to the brim with wonderful people – so happy to be a part of it.  Thank you for making us so welcome.’

We warmly welcome prospective parents and children to visit us at any time.

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