Big Conversation & Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Since 2018 here have been many opportunities for people in the village to contribute their ideas to the developing Neighbourhood Plan.

Here you can read the draft report which rounds up and analyses everything people have said. 



  • just under 40% of the people over 16 in the village (based on 2011census numbers)

  • we have had 720 comments recorded across the consultation 

  • 647 from adults and 73 from children

  • 301 different people have been involved 

  • (277 people over 16 and 24 children)

  • approximately 96 people came to more than one event 

  • so there were actually 397 attendances at events

What did people want to talk about?

40%    Infrastructure –roads/traffic, pavements, public   transport, cycling/greenway/footpaths

20%    Housing and new development

17%    Community & village facilities

9%      Ecological sustainability

8%      Natural environment

5%      Work and business

1%      The Neighbourhood Plan itself …

                Click the pic to read the whole report  ...

Stutton Big Conversation pic.png