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Neighbourhood Plan 

On 22 September 2018, at an open meeting at the Village Hall, residents of Stutton voted to create a Neighbourhood Plan. A Working Party was set up to take this forward. 

What is a neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Planning has been introduced by the Government through the Localism Bill. The planning system helps decide what gets built, where and when. Neighbourhood Planning is a specific way for communities to try and influence planning decisions. It  is optional, not compulsory. No-one has to do it if they don’t want to. But lots of people across the country, and in the villages around Stutton, are getting involved.

A Neighbourhood Plan for Stutton will:

  • set out our view of the sort of place we would like Stutton to be in the years ahead

  • set out how we would like to see land used and developed in the village. We have to make suggestions that are compatible with national and local planning policies, but this is an opportunity to talk about the future of our neighbourhood and to come to an agreement about what sort of development we would like to see

The Neighbourhood Plan could help to:

  • influence what size or type of buildings are acceptable in different areas

  • establish what type of new housing is needed by those living or working here.

  • protect open space, used by the community, from development

  • prevent buildings used for local businesses or community facilities being converted to other uses

Everyone in the village will be invited to make suggestions, talk, develop ideas and contribute to the making of the Plan.

Eventually, everyone in the village will  be asked to vote on a finished plan.


If this is accepted by over 50% of those who vote, it will form a legal document which must be taken into consideration by the local planning department when considering planning applications.

  • What do you love about the village?

  • What would you like to see changed?

  • What is missing?

  • What is your favourite activity in the village at present?

  • What other activities, or facilities, would you like to see here?

  • What would be the best thing about having additional houses in the village?

  • What sort of housing should there be, when there is new development?

What is The Big Conversation?

The Big Conversation is a series of events in the village designed to ensure that everyone can get involved in shaping the future of Stutton. It includes the development of a Neighbourhood Plan -  a new way for communities to influence the future of the places where they live.  But it is more than the Neighbourhood Plan. This is an opportunity to talk together, to Influence the way existing village organisations make plans, fundraise and work together (Village Hall, Community Council, Support Network, Shop etc)to develop ideas together and to make our village an even better place to live - for everyone. 

12 October  2018

Babergh District Council receive application from Stutton

Babergh District Council receive application from Stutton Parish Council to designate the whole of the parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area onthe 9 October 2018.

The application was made under Regulation 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). A copy of the application and a map which identifies the area to which this relates can be found on the District Council website at: (and here)

Regulation 5A states that ... “where (1)(a) a local planning authority receives an area application from a parish council” and (1)(b) the area specified in the application consists of the whole of the parish council’s area, (2) the local planning authority must exercisetheir powers under section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to designate the specified area as a neighbourhood area.”

Regulations 6 and 6A relating to publicising an area application do not apply in this instance. Therefore, in accordance with Regulation 5A(2) and 7(1) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) Babergh District Council hereby give notice that it has designated the parish of Stutton as a Neighbourhood Area in order to facilitate the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan by Stutton Parish Council.

Tom Barker

Assistant Director - Planning for Growth Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils

Dated: 12 October 2018

The designated area


On 9 October 2018, Stutton Parish Council submitted an application to define the boundary of their Neighbourhood Plan.

Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), Babergh District Council confirmed the designated area on 12 October 2018.

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